Challenge Accepted

Hello again

This particular bolt of inspiration came to me at 2am after my father has repeatedly implored me to work on my communication. Quite frankly, I get excited when I am motivated so I have a tendency to speak rapidly and loudly.

His suggestion:

“Make a conscious effort to talk slowly and calmly, pausing to arrange and organize your thoughts.” (this is great advice but like with all advice easier said than done.)

Now back to the idea:

You know how like every second there is a new challenge, from ice buckets to God knows what. Well I am finally joining the fad. But besides giving to charity, I have a benefit for you as well; I call it the “limited words challenge”


The goal of the challenge is to reduce the regular number of words you use in a day. So firstly, estimate the number of words you use in a typical day by making guesses every hour. Then decide on how extreme you want the challenge to be: 10% reduction, 50% reduction, 75% reduction.

Next, monitoring will be in two phases:

  • you estimate your words per hour every hour or a selected hour(s)
  • you get a friend to monitor your words per hour for maybe one or two hours

Then there is also an observation component that requires you to record a few minutes every hour or one whole hour and share.


  1. It saves you from talking too much and making a fool of yourself
  2. It reduces fights since you can’t afford the words for an argument
  3. It requires you to actually think of the most effective way to communicate

However, any worth while challenge should have a penalty, so if you do not meet up then for the next week you must spend an hour every day contemplating a global issue: discrimination, slavery, women’s rights, environmental issues etc. in absolute silence; you must consider the problem and come up with solutions and share the solutions.

Okay I am advertising the challenge now on LinkedIn and other social media and intend to create a site for people to share the videos and post their penalties. Try and have fun with it and even if you succeed consider upping the ante or pledging your accomplishment to a charitable organization.

(Good thing its not a written words limit challenge cause I would fail woefully)

– Enjoy and God Bless

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