“Otaku! you need patience & discipline”

I am not Japanese. I am not even Asian. But this term spans distance and time.

I am an “Otaku”

I am not a “Weeaboo”

I won’t say I am an expert on Japanese pop culture but I have such an appreciation for Japanese culture and my manga and anime repertoire is open, vast, cross-genre and cross-generations. I have enjoyed the humour, sports and romance of Adachi Mitsuru as well as the Shonen Jump Iconic works from Dragon Ball Z to Naruto and One Piece to One-Punch Man.

Even historical manga on Nobunaga or his Chef. Also I am not restricted to just Japan. Whether it be Manhwa, Manhua or Manga- I got to catch them all.

However, like all addictions, there is always a “gateway drug.” I started benignly, during my gap year before college, just watching Bleach, Naruto and One Piece anime. But after I cried on Nami’s home island – So no tori! – my casual watching evolved into binging. And like all good thinks, it came to the most current episode. Here is where Otakus need patience and discipline. Patience to wait for the next episode and discipline to get through the fillers.

Unfortunately, I succumb. Hence I progressed to reading manga, by the time I was a Sophomore. After more patience and discipline, I incubated in the world of manga until three years after graduating, when the manga Re:Monsters was just too slow- Ah!

At this point, the authors had me. I had fallen into the world of light novels. My progression is not atypical. I know so many Otaku Anonymous, quietly managing their addiction in a semi-stable lifestyle. However, we have lost all patience and discipline: we harass translators, editors, authors.

Thankfully, for me, I have found my cure. I have progressed to writing. I take great ideas from Child of Light, Release that Witch, Desolate Era and create my own world. I am more C.S. Lewis than anything, however there are no delays except my typing speed. Its a different type of patience and discipline but if not for it, Tales of Demons and Gods, would have driven me crazy.

Thank you

– God Bless

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