What a convoluted “third degree”?

via Daily Prompt: Degree

I’m not sure if there is a word in the English language that has so many meanings and idioms related to it that all really mean the same thing (my communication professor would kill me with this topic sentence, can hear him saying, ‘No, no, no!’). The simplest definition for degree is level; it portrays a certain level. Whether it is in measurements or in maths or in music, degree is usually used as a unit of measurement to indicate or categorise different levels.

Now, onto the main event!

So in an earlier post “Getting to know me!” I disclosed that I want to purse a PhD in economics, and a PhD is a third academic degree…see what I did there?

The idiom, “the third degree”, actual means to subject someone to torture and if you follow my lead you may see how convoluted my brain is whenever it gets up and goes.

So most students will tell you that a PhD, in anything, is “torture.” The program puts you through rigour that is to make you a confident and knowledgeable researcher or at least able to ask insightful questions and design objective experiments to explore the truth. Now as we all know, torture is used to extra information and you would like it to be the truth…wait, hold up, aren’t PhD students in search of truth…Gabang!!!

Mind blown!

I hope you followed this little train of consciousness that I had over Sunday Breakfast, after seeing the “Daily Prompt: Degree”, just goes to show how convoluted the word is…and I haven’t even touched temperatures, angles or first degree murder.

Indeed, what a convoluted “third degree”?

– God Bless

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