The reason why “Christmas is Jolly”

via Daily Prompt: Jolly

So what is the best thing you know? What news or discovery have you made that you just want to scream it out from the roof tops? What is your Eureka moment?’

or Alternatively,

What did you learn in school that just got you so excited? Which piece of music were you so euphoric about after hearing?

For both of this situations, what did you do with it once you discovered it? Did you tell others? Who? How many people? How many times?

“We are expecting a baby.” “We are engaged.” “Mummy, I graduated¬†Summa cum laude.” “Ha, ha, ha, I am in the first eleven for Real Madrid, you see, I am invincible.”

What is your good news?

I had already written about Advent¬†in an earlier post but I write this to crave your indulgences. You see we Christians are very sick…it is lovesickness but not like the kind you are aware. There are similarities, we have been yearning for the one we love…and he is coming in a special way in just two weeks. Awesome!!!

But some other symptoms is that, we don’t want to keep him only to ourselves. He has told us that he is infinite. There is enough for me, for you and for everyone else. He forgives all your wrongdoings, is always faithful, always free of judgement and openly accepting all of you, but also makes you be more and achieve more. WOW!!

So when we “sick Christians”, try to share this Jolly message, humour us. We may come on too strong, its because the sickness is so strong, so infinite that we don’t even understand it. Yes, he gave directions but we mainly interpret it wrong and forget that we are mostly as clueless as the people we try to enlighten- but He knows that so he sends his Spirit to talk for us, if we will only let him (I don’t know if I am even letting him now as I write).

This particular blog was inspired by my friend who asked me to change my site name to not offend others and someone else who asked me how do I know, my God is the right one.

“I can’t keep this good news all to myself, when he is coming in 14 days! Also, of course I don’t know, I believe due to my experiences- God help my unbelief.”

– God Bless



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