Elegance and Style made easy by Ph.A.T.

via Daily Prompt: Elegance

Besides being a writer and a potential PhD student, I currently work as a freelance consultant primarily focused at using data to improve small businesses and start-ups. However, due to the fact that I am not yet a “successful” entrepreneur it behoves me to launch my own start up.

Despite the fact that most of my knowledge comes from the myriad of mistakes I made on my own start-up and my search for answers (MIT entrepreneurship class on edx, Business Model Canvass, Lean Launchpad etc), my potential clients want me to speak from experience…successful experience- I always thought we learn more from our mistakes.

So I am now currently an entrepreneur full-time and a consultant full-time. My first idea, seeking a sustainable business model, is all about elegance and style, which was inspired by the problems of my colleagues, while I was working as a research analyst at a stock brokers in Nigerian.

I came up with the business idea, “Find Me A Tailor”, after listen to my female colleagues complain about the lack of good tailors. They admitted that it was that good tailors didn’t exist it was just hard to find. So I asked them, how do you normally find tailors? Their response was through a friend’s recommendation or if they see someone looking elegant, they ask for the person’s tailor’s contacts.

Then, the thought came to me…what if I organised this information like ‘Yelp’ does restaurant and other businesses. I can strictly focus on fashion becomes it is big business here in Nigeria and around the world. I can attract customers with free access to our database of tailors and then attract tailors with our access to a large pool of customers…hmm a real life chicken and egg situation that can only be solved with capital and grit (hit the streets).

I was not really concerned about the market because with Nigerian’s love of parties and ‘owambe’, which require ‘asoebi’ and ‘gele’ oozing Nigerian elegance and style, I would always have users. And I can explore ways of monetising it, of which, from my consulting, I already have a few.

So now I am getting people to view the fourth edition of a low density product: Find A Tailor (Ph.A.T.) app. Only a few links work and it is basically just testing the user-interface but the feedback will help us make more and more iterations until we reach perfection or as close as humanly possible.

We love our potential users to share their elegance, style and interest with us on our Facebook page or Instagram handle – @findmeatailor

Thank you and I am looking forward to interacting with everyone at our launch. Hope you will be part of the elegance and experience from inception or at least an early adopter as we are committed to helping you find the look that gives you that feeling you envisage.

– God Bless

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