Ascension, through the music industry

via Photo Challenge: Ascend

I recall when my girlfriend of the time, invited me to come for the wedding celebration of her best friend’s, boyfriend’s sister (…that was a mouthful). The wedding was in Ikorodu, I think, and we had braved the roads to arrive more than fashionable late. I was then re-introduced to the best friend, and also got to meet the boyfriend; they were a lovely couple and we all enjoyed are time together dancing and chatting – this was before Reekado Banks met Mavin.

I do not know enough about Ayoleyi to comment on who he is now, whether he has changed or is the same, his hustle and struggle; I only met him once at a wedding where our interaction though pleasant was the farthest thing from his mind. I have made no inquiries and never intend to do so. I am also equally happy and joyous for him that God has granted him the grace to use his talent as he desires.

No, my post is about all the myriad of Nigerians who knew either as friends or acquaintances who knew Innocent Utah Idibia before he became 2face (I am also among that crowd because his Mother taught at my secondary school in the plantation boy’s days), Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun before he became Wizkid or Folarin Falana before he became Falz (…hmmm just noticed that the ladies tend to use their own names).

The Nigerian music industry has been an influential part of African culture right from the days of Fela Anikulapo Kuti and was only derailed due to the civil war and slews of coup d’etat. However, the current music industry has transcended beyond the borders of the African shore and resulted in the Ascension of new upcoming artists into household names across the globe.

Not only has the music and artists ascended, afrobeat is a genre and force to be reckoned with as it paves the way for African music as an internationally recognised music category. Even the blend of native, pigdin, and foreign languages, the use of style and colour in videos and the development of particular;y choreographed dance moves have resulted in hits after hits and superstars after superstars.

I am not going to argue the value of the music, their lyrics and benefits to the society (…save that for a later post), however, my one-time acquaintances, Reekado Banks has definitely ascended. Therefore, who in your network will catch the next big break? This is why it is crucial to treat others with love and respect- if you won’t do it for love of God do it for self-interest.

However, with that being said, to paraphrase Omawunmi, “you dey your lane, I dey my lane”

– God Bless

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