Time well spent: Slum2school

I remember when Otto came to speak to our youth corpers batch during a general community development (CD) day. I was already part of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) group so I was interested in his program that sought to provide all children be they in slums or wherever with basic education.

I must confess that other than rallying my friends and family to donate to the cause, I was not very active as I was determined to set up my own NGO. As much as this dream still exist, I have now realised that we seek so much for recognition and things to be our vision that we fail to do the good we are called to do.

Thankfully, I have continued to be a fundraiser for Slum2School since its inception in 2012 otherwise I would have had no meaningful charity I was involved with outside church activities as my NGO is still just an idea. So this year, I decided to be more active and actually participate in Slum2School’s #ChristmassinABOX event.

It was a joy to see the children so excited. They were euphoric and having the time of their life even before we started sharing the gifts. They also organised performances to entertain their classmates. The event was a success but I couldn’t help but notice the other children in the community who could not participate. There is room for a bigger event, but it will need the support of Slum2School’s more than 5000 volunteers- Indeed, the work is plenty but the labourers are few.

As we prepare for the coming of Our Lord this advent season, what charity are you doing? How are you volunteering your time and effort? What do you support? I have decided against an NGO now, I am more interested in a Foundation that supports other NGOs. I have already identified another initiative that is dear to my heart besides Slum2School. This time I will be more active than a donor from inception. Please you may join me to also support M.A.N.I. or find what makes you passionate.

– God bless

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