Three in One

I have been preparing for my CFA exams again so my mind has been channelling the finance side of my brain. I have been having fun jumping from interest rates, to exchange rates to inflation rates as all these rates involve the value of money.

Interest rates are the opportunity cost or price of money because if you invest the money rather than spend it you earn the interest rate. It is also why the central bank of a country controls the money supply in the economy by getting people to choose between consumption and saving.

Exchange rates are the price of your home currency in a foreign currency because it tells you how much of a foreign currency is needed to buy one unit of your home currency.

Meanwhile, inflation rates has to do with the present and future value of a currency or another way of saying it is the present and future price of a currency in terms of a basket of goods in the economy.

Because all three measures have to do with the price of money, there exist relationships between them such as the covered interest rate parity and the purchasing power interest rate parity. But as how I see everything as interconnected my train of consciousness on these three rates got me thinking about the Holy Trinity.

The Holy Trinity is centred on Love and consist of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. They are all the same but different just as all those rates show the different prices of money. I know my analogy is not perfect as I may have my reasons for assigning interest rates to the Father, exchange rates to the Son and inflation rates to the Holy Spirit, but said reasons are arbitrary at best, however it is nice to try and think of things that exist in three parts and use them to equate to the Holy Trinity.

A more common analogy would be water and its three physical states; God the Father would be ice, Jesus would be liquid water and the Holy Ghost would be steam/water vapour. Again we are not going for accuracy. It is more like trying to understand or better yet appreciate one of the great mysteries of existence.

Irrespective of how you understand the Holy Trinity, what is most important is that God loves you and makes Himself available to you in every form and manner since the beginning of time. It is an imperative of every human to seek him and when you have found God, you know, even if you can’t explain. Even if you can only relate it to interest rates, exchange rates and inflation rates.

– God bless

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