When the weather outside is frightful

My father’s flight to the east was cancelled today because the plane could not fly in the prevailing weather condition. We didn’t have to worry about this when we were younger because we used to drive to the east but I remember a time in-between childhood and full grown adults when we were able to fly to the east.

This got me thinking about the effects of global warming and global cooling on the equator and other countries not situated in the temperates. The tropics will also have their own effects from the depletion of our ozone layer due to green house gas effect. However, even after Al Gore, Bill Nye and a host of people from politics, science and other sectors have affirmed and explained the real and present danger of global warming, we still have so much inertia in doing major things to reverse the situation.

For instance, we have enough technology and potential for clean fuel to replace most if not all of the fossil fuel used to provide energy. However, the big business of oil makes the leaders and people with the most capital, drag their feet despite the hurricanes and wild fires and tsunamis and earthquakes that have become more prevalent.

Therefore, we need to make as much person effort as we can, because it will come down to a tipping point and as economists we know that decisions are made at the margin.

– God bless


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