Failure is part of moving forward

Today is Friday the 29th of December, so most of us are in the mindset of the New Year. You may have last minute plans or parties to attended.

A good number of us will be working on new year’s resolutions. It may even be things we have writing before an never accomplished.

I have only two things to say to you: understand the power of your habits and keystone habits and realise that in changing anything, you are bound to fail initially, the trick is not to give up.

You can only learn from the problems you got wrong because you might not even know why you got something right and just assume you know it. However, when you revise what you missed you learn from it.

This is why the most successful people do not understand failure the way most of us do. Thomas Edison put it succinctly, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work.”

So go out and resolve to do better by learning from how you did wrong in the past. Never give up, never surrender.

– God bless


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