Spotlight 30 December

I am sorry for the delay in today’s blog. I usually like to get these things done at the crack of dawn. Early morning while the creative juices are flowing and just after the morning run and meditation is my prime blogging time but today was like those days where everything is running smoothly like a tesla until a monkey throws a wrench in it.

I had already packed my cloths for the annual family trip to the village, “yes you heard me village, well town now but village when we were kids,” with the aim to move breezily through the morning mayhem and madness that always follows locking up the house in the city before our soiree into the unknown (travel back home to the east is plagued with crime, kidnapping and superstition that is actual real).

However, besides the fact that I overslept, hadn’t actually finished packing and had my new found morning routine, we were also intending to fumigate the house- the monkey throwing wrench. So basically, Saturday the 30th of December, 2017 was all about securing the food and cosmetics we use to ensure that the extermination chemicals did not get into the ‘stuffing,’ literally and figuratively.

Therefore, you can see why my regular correspondence has become more colourful (I hope) and significantly delayed. I am coming to you live from our temporary hotel room before our flight back east tomorrow, forced to where pyjamas all day and miss a glorious wedding because I forgot to grab my suit planned for today due to all the hustle and bustle of getting out of the house ahead of toxic fumigation chemicals (in our vain hope to keep cockroaches and rats forever out of the house).

In passing, I wil say that 30th December can only get better, the hotel is also a spa resort and I have no intention on shining a spotlight on the rest of the days activities…no need to have death thought you know who I service…lets just say I got served freshly squeezed pineapple juice while in pyjamas.

– God bless


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