A wake up call…mine, could be yours as well

So anyone who follows anything I write would know I am a Christian (Roman Catholic) but I am also an economist; therefore, I understand incentives, rational thought and acting out of self-interest. Thus I subscribe to the utility theory, even if people take action based on their perceived preference at that point in time (which maybe true or not…entering the realm of behavioural economics- isn’t economist fun)

Consequently, I always, with my messiah complex, to save the world. Change everyone, to be more loving, more caring, more considerate, more forgiving and accepting…to value the things that “matter” and not just money, power and fame. But, I forgot the wisdom that I preach: Jesus said ‘do as I do…’ and ‘remove the log in your eyes first…’

Salvation, redemption, change, progress, sustainable development starts with me.

My decisions, my choices, my WILL and ACTIONS

…. Today’s wake up call came through Hal Elrod, and “The Miracle Morning“…so not only did Jesus save my soul, and He inspired Hal to develop SAVERS as a morning routine for me to change myself.


S: silence, meditation

A: affirmation (best version of self- truth practical)

– what are you committed to

– Why is that deeply meaningful

– What will do to generate that result

– When will you take those actions

V: visualisation

E: exercise

R: reading

S: scribing, writing

– why are you grateful

– goals or things you want to do today with the ones you must accomplish before bed

Now, Hal is a wise guy…like Solomon level. He wasn’t about to let me go with just what to do in the morning, he also gave me the miracle equation to solve any problem…unwavering faith + extraordinary effort = miracles. So was Jesus, and his disciple Paul, not right 2000+ years ago…’faith like a mustard seed’ or we need ‘faith and action and not faith alone.’

So I will still write, I will still try to correct injustice, I will still preach! But I will work more on myself and my thought, words and deeds; because our faith is not supposed to be said but to be lived, every morning, every day, every moment.

Nomeni patri et filius et spiritus sanctus.

God bless.

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