Incredibles 2 is EPIC…

Yeah I know, I am late to the game but whatever, I just have to shout it out loud…there are some sick writers out there…how can every line be funny…and the beautiful thing about it is that it is family, yes family…what will we be without family. And I didn’t say blood relations I said family cause Frozo is part of the gang.

It is fun for all ages…go and see it to laugh and be amazed at the action. Even if you normal can’t stand animation, there is something about good writing and family moments that transcend presentation. Its why a mother holding her baby can be so moving or a daughter dancing with her father on her wedding day or a man telling God and everyone else that this is the person with whom I choose to spend the rest of my life.

I don’t even feel bad that I missed a world cup match for this…love and laughs beats entertainment any day. So what do you do to make the family in your life know you love and appreciate them?

We are always so concerned about me; how to get more likes, more readers, better job, more money, be more attractive and on and on.

But there are people who have loved us even when we cared nothing about all these things…and there are new people who love us for who we are not as we wish we were.

That I think is the bigger message of Incredibles and what is so attractive about it…the irony is that they are the ones we would all “want” to be, but they can’t even be themselves.

I really like who I am.

Don’t think I am boasting. But I really like that I am Catholic. I like that I think like an Economist. I like that I am easily excited, laugh easily, cry easily, get passionate but don’t hold grudges. I like that I am childish, overly trusting (some would say naive), optimistic, energetic.

But most of all I like that I actually love and trust people. Some people can’t, some people don’t, but I thank my family that I can and do. And I pray that if you can you appreciate it and if you can’t you learn how…life is so much freer when your not always second guessing everyone.

Have I been burnt before, yes, many times. Will I be burnt again, yes, probably many times. But I like to think I can forgive and I would never look at someone new with foggy lens or make them carry my own baggage.

nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti

God Bless


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