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Mage of Binding Chapter 38: Alone in the dark

With the darkness, elder Usman activated his heat vision and mowed his way through the traitors of the clan avoiding the panic fire of crossbow bolts. Screams and blood field the air.

Continue the adventure with Jide, Musa, Nnenna and all the rest…


Mage of Binding Chapter 37: A dark day in the Abacha clan

Nnenna was having mixed feelings about staying with the Sabi Sect.

They had been there for almost two weeks now and it seems Tunde had been spending a lot of time talking to Obi alone. No one in the Sabi Sect knew about Nnenna’s ability as they had not seen her teleport so they treated her the same as Amaka. But apparently, Obi was the child whose elemental affinity had sparked the destruction of the former Sabi Sect. Gravity was a rare element that provided versatility in both offence and defense. So Nnenna was apprehensive that Tunde was using his persuasion ability to influence Obi.

At this moment, Obi was again with Tunde who liked showing off all the various animals he had tamed as he selected a new animal to accompany him each day. Nnenna and Amaka were in another section of the underground hideout that the once promising Sabi Sect now inhabited. 

It seemed that Tunde had survived the downfall of the Sabi Sect because he was away on a recruitment mission. He had returned to the location of his sect with the new recruits only to be met by ruins. Thus, Tunde had decided to “convince” them to stay…