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CFA Charter: Why Investment Professionals will benefit from an exam primarily focused on Portfolio Managers

So I started my finance career in 2013 with no knowledge of what finance really meant. My background was economics and so I knew about the Cobb-Douglas equation,  Solow Growth Model, multiplier effect of taxes, difference between comparative and absolute advantage in international economics and how Nash equilibrium affected incentives in OPEC and other collusions.

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Innovate, not adapt, or die

I recently started working for an entrepreneurship development Non-profit because I wanted to be more holistic in my understanding of how to run a startup but also to widen my knowledge on different approaches to tackling development. I had been so fixated on the ‘K’ or capital component of the Cobb-Douglas equation as I had

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My North is Centred on ‘the Way’

Although I believe in free markets, my invisible hand has always been God, so a society built on selflessness and the greatest being the servant of all with decisions made not out of rationality but based on love, seems superior to me.