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No one becomes a billionaire investing in the stock market

Okay I start of with a firm, declarative statement, which I haven’t actually checked if it true. There are always exceptions to every rule.


The truth about financial literacy

So I am a finance guy. I have mad skills with excel…I build models like people breath air. Also, I have earned a significant amount of cheddar in my short career… hello was an investment banker. In addition, I having been studying for the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam so have been exposed to the best

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CFA Charter: Why Investment Professionals will benefit from an exam primarily focused on Portfolio Managers

So I started my finance career in 2013 with no knowledge of what finance really meant. My background was economics and so I knew about the Cobb-Douglas equation,  Solow Growth Model, multiplier effect of taxes, difference between comparative and absolute advantage in international economics and how Nash equilibrium affected incentives in OPEC and other collusions.

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